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A Leading Stamping Components and Autoparts Manufacturer in The Global Market





To make a high quality product at lower cost and on time delivery,

in order to meet customer’s satisfaction

To provide the customers a value added process  with cost reduction system

by applying fine forming technology.

To maintain a high competitiveness to customers by doing right at the first time and create

continuous improvement internally by JIT / TPS for production,

ISO TS for Quality, Technology innovator , and well trained human recources.

To up grade the suppliers from current business relationship becoming partner relationship

by improving the communication which eventually the supplier can provide a better QCD.

To up grade the moral of company (owners & team work)

in order to meet the high expectations and requirement of the customers ,

by providing a working fun, learning and growth

in working place and process in the safe and secure working environments,

which eventually to ensure the highest sustainability,

efficiency and productivity to all stake holder